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Mortgage for Self-Employed in Mississauga, Brampton & the GTA

How to get a mortgage when self-employed?

Yes it's true. You must have heard that getting financing is not easy for the people who earn for themselves instead of earning a salary through an employer.

The benefit of working with a mortgage broker at Mortgage Diligence is that we work with many lenders and we have in-depth knowledge of the products offered by our lenders. Whether you are a business owner or self-employed we find the right product for you.

With Mortgage Diligent's solutions for self-employed mortgages at competitive rates you can achieve your goal to:

  • Purchase home
  • Consolidate your debt and lowering your payment
  • Home Improvement

Why is it difficult to get a mortgage when self-employed?

Self-employment is becoming more common, but banks are more cautious about giving mortgages to people who fall into this category. There are a lot of factors that play a roll in getting a mortgage when self-employed, and often it depends on the situation of the self-employed individual and their business.  Mortgage lending based on self-employment stated income is considered riskier than you would earn through your regular pay cheque. 

For successful self employment mortgage approval, an applicant must show or “state” income and pay bills on time. Private lenders are another source of mortgage loans for self employed borrowers. They often rely on equity in the property and income statements or cash flow. Approvals depend upon favorable reviews. That's why consulting with a mortgage broker works to your advantage when you are self-employed — you have more options to consider and can compare the terms of regular banks against that of private mortgage lenders.

Mortgage Diligent knows the challenges all self-employed people has to face — in fact, many of our business associates and colleagues are self-employed. So we know what the self-employed mortgage process is like firsthand, both from personal experience and through years of experience in helping hundreds of residents in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto get mortgage approval when self-employed.


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Variable Rates
1 Year Variable na%
3 Year Variable 2.7%
5 Year Variable 2.41%
Fixed Rates
6 Months Fixed 3.05%
1 Year Fixed 2.99%
2 Year Fixed 3.19%
3 Year Fixed 2.94%
4 Year Fixed 3.54%
5 Year Fixed 3.09%
7 Year Fixed 3.89%
10 Year Fixed 3.99%
Prime Rate
Prime 3.45%

Last Updated: 07/18/2018

* Rates are subjected to change without notice. OAC, E&O.E

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