[shmac_calc_sc allowoverrides=”enable” slideroverrides=”enable” enable_slideroverride=”enable” inputreadonly=”disable” slider_theme=”broad” primarycolor=”#1e73be” calctitle=”Mortgage Affordability” emailtext=”Send A PDF report to your email?” emaillabel=”Your Email” amountlabel=”Loan Amount” amountinfo=”The total purchase price of the home you wish to buy.” defaultpurchase=”255,000.00″ sliderminamount=”180,000.00″ slidermaxamount=”700,000.00″ sliderstepsamount=”5000″ interestlabel=”Interest Rate (%)” interestinfo=”The expected percent interest rate you will get on your loan.” defaultinterest=”5.2″ slidermininterest=”1″ slidermaxinterest=”25.0″ sliderstepsinterest=”1.000″ downpaylabel=”Down Payment (%)” downpayinfo=”The percent down payment you wish to put towards the home.” downpaytype=”amount” defaultdown=”0.00″ slidermindown=”0.00″ slidermaxdown=”70,000.00″ sliderstepsdown=”5,000.00″ termlabel=”Term” terminfo=”The length of time it will take to repay the loan amount (30 years is common).” defaultterm=”30″ sliderminterm=”1″ slidermaxterm=”90″ sliderstepsterm=”1″ disclaimer=”Calculations by this calculator are estimates only. There is no warranty for the accuracy of the results or the relationship to your financial situation.” currencysymbol=”$” currencyformat=”1″ currencyside=”left” calcsubmit=”Calculate” calcreset=”Reset”]

COVID-19 Update:  We're here for you. These are uncertain times but one thing that is certain is our commitment to you. As an online business, we're set up to help you remotely so you can still take care of your mortgage decisions.