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If you want to renovate your house or basement, maybe for your own use or to add it to resale value.  We have the options available for you for all your Home Improvement needs. You can use your Home equity to finance your project by adding it to your mortgage or you can get a Secured loan from the bank.  This is way cheaper than using your credit cards or using an Unsecured Line of credit.

If you want to add value to your resale amount or you should consider spending money that pays you back well. You should not be using the money where buyers will not payback.

And if your desire is to stay in this house for long, your needs and desires become important than adding it to the resale value.

Here is the list of 10 Home renovation project that will help you higher payback, in case you are planning to list your house after renovation: –

  1. Washrooms
  2. Extensive Flooring
  3. Upgraded kitchen with Granite countertops
  4. Interior and Exterior painting
  5. New Furnace
  6. Extensive Fireplace
  7. Basement Improvement
  8. Roof
  9. Pot lights
  10. Landscaping

So, you should consult your Mortgage Diligent to know how much extra money you can get based on your income and House market value. And the Team will assist with you the full process.

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Features of Car Loan

All loans are not created equal, personal loan has become a great option for people to use.

Salaried & Self Employed

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Loan For Agriculturists

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Home Loans For NRIs

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No Morgage

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Home Loan - Eligibility

Any salaried, self-employed or professional Public and Privat companies, Government sector employees including Public Sector is eligible for a personal loan.


Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity: 60 years


Minimum Net Monthly Income: Rs 15,000

Credit Rating

Applicant should have the bank specified credit score.

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